Perception is an anamorphic mural by the artist eL Seed, spanning 50 façades in Cairo’s Manshiyat Nasr district, home of a marginalised Coptic community. The book recounts the artist’s journey and his desire of casting a new light and perspective on this misconceived reality.
Several interviews with members of the neighbourhood and hundreds of photographs chart the extraordinary process from planning to completion. The book was first published in 2018 as a limited edition of 500 copies
and launched at MoMA in New York. 
In 2019 the book was also published as a paperback edition, meant to offer readers the opportunity to connect with the community. The cover of the book is screen printed on recycled paper, handmade in Manshiyat Nasr;
a way of celebrating the craft of the people who run one of the most efficient recycling systems on the planet. 
200 x 250 mm
200 pages
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